Tamanna’s Love towards Swamiji Shocking Photos

Tamanna’s Love towards Swamiji Shocking Photos..When everyone is busy finding their love and proposing and moving on to the next step, our white milky beauty that has spoiled the sleep of teenagers and young people shows surprisingly love on something other than nobody’s ‘expected.
The actress was seen in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu at the Isha Yoga Center with Jaggi Vasudev. She even shared a photo with him and she was totally devotional.

For those who do not know Jaggi, it was he who attracted attention by shooting down the forest and building a huge statue of Shiva and Indian Prime Minister Modi came to open it!
Tamanna was deeply seen meditating and singing verses with other bhakts. His love for the divine is felt for the first time. Now our APHERALD team brings you the exclusive Tamanna and Swamiji photos and we’re sure you’ll be surprised to see it in another dimension.

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